ProQuant™, a world-leading proteomics platform delivering unparalleled precision

ProQuant™, a world-leading proteomics platform delivering unparalleled precision

Welcome to ProQuant™

ProQuant™ is a world-leading proprietary platform for performing LC-MS/MS bottom-up proteomics on a wide range of biological samples, delivering precision unachievable with any other technology.  The step-change in quantitative performance unleashes the promised power of proteomics, and the platform is now being provided by RxCelerate with the power to speed up and de-risk multiple phases of the drug development pipeline.


We will apply our proprietary platform and expertise to design and provide custom proteomics projects designed for just one thing – to provide the solution to your questions.


All of our proprietary methods and custom algorithms are unsupervised, meaning no bias can be introduced into your data.

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RxCelerate are able to provide fully integrated programmes for drug discovery from small molecule or antibody design right through to preclinical studies and beyond.

Our Services

ProQuant™ has many different applications including:

Target identification

Biomarker identification

Biologics development and CMC

Label characterisation


PTM characterisation

Our Platform

ProQuant™ is a bottom-up proteomics platform, performing high resolution LC-MS/MS analysis of proteins.  We have evaluated and optimised each stage of the process to be as quantitative as possible.  This has resulted in a proprietary proteomics process that has exceptional quantitative reproducibility.  In tests we have replicate CVs of <20% for over 80% of the proteins quantified in a complex biological sample – with this replicate reproducibility including the entire protocol: sample preparation, digestion, LC-MS/MS and data processing.  This exceptional level of performance not only improves outcomes for traditional applications but expands the range of applications in which it can be used.

About RxCelerate

ProQuant™ is a new offering introduced after acquisition of the proteomics team from Methuselah Health in 2022.  RxCelerate was founded in 2013 with a vision to provide a bespoke high-quality outsourced drug discovery and development platform.  Originally focused on delivering preclinical and in vitro biology services, during the last nine years we have expanded our in-house capabilities to include chemistry, in silico design, systems biology and project and programme management.

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