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ProQuant™ is now offered by RxCelerate following the acquisition of the proteomics team from Methuselah Health in 2022.  Methuselah Health was founded in 2015 to discover drugs for age-related diseases driven by proteomic instability, and has developed the world’s most powerful proteomics platform to power its discovery efforts. RxCelerate was founded in 2013 with a vision to provide a bespoke high-quality outsourced drug discovery and development platform. Originally focused on delivering preclinical and in vitro biology services, during the last nine years we have expanded our in-house capabilities to include chemistry, in silico design, systems biology and project and programme management.

World leading proteomics platform

ProQuant™ is a world-leading proprietary platform for performing LC-MS/MS bottom-up proteomics on a wide range of biological samples, delivering precision unachievable by other proteomics platforms.


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Our Leadership Team

David Mosedale

CTO at Methuselah Health UK and previously CEO at Total Scientific, a small CRO specialising in biomarker discovery and VP of R&D at Pronostics, which developed CE-marked multiplex autoantibody assays using barcoded microparticles.  David has 30 years experience in developing assays for hard-to-measure proteins and eliminating bias wherever he finds it.

Tilly Sharp

With a wealth of experience gained from performing academic and commercial scientific research as well as managing customer-lead research, Tilly now manages programmes using the ProQuant™ platform within RxCelerate.



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