ProQuant™ case studies

We also have a number of case studies, where we have demonstrated the power of ProQuant™ to answer specific questions that would be difficult or impossible to answer with our competitors’ proteomics capabilities:

ProQuant is precise, but is it accurate as well?

ProQuant™ is precise, but is it accurate as well? All of our experimental optimisations during the development of the ProQuant™ proteomics platform were aimed at improving the precision of the method. We have already shown the marked effect that our proprietary...

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Biomarkers of ageing

Biomarkers of ageing One of the more obvious uses of ProQuant™ is to look for biomarkers of disease.  We used ProQuant™ to investigate potential biomarkers of ageing, using serum samples from subjects of different ages.  Across the 300 proteins measured none were...

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Delving into proteoforms with higher throughput

Delving into proteoforms with higher throughput ProQuant™ was used to study apolipoprotein E (apoE), a polymorphic protein with key roles in longevity and Alzheimer’s disease.  Our experiments testing different samples from in vitro and in vivo experiments identified...

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Where is my protein labelled?

Where is my protein labelled? There are many applications for which labelling of proteins is commonly used, for example tracking of the protein of interest within a complex biological system, and even in vivo.  However, the specific residues labelled and the extent of...

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