The ProQuant™ platform

At its simplest level, ProQuant™ is based on a conventional bottom-up proteomics procedure:

  • Samples can be purified proteins or complex biological samples such as serum or solid tissues
  • Sample processing can then remove some of the most abundant proteins (e.g. albumin and immunoglobulins from serum) or homogenise solid tissues before endoproteinase digestion is performed
  • Nano UPLC and Orbitrap mass spectrometry is performed, using protocols optimised for quantification performance
  • Processing of the resultant data files using our proprietary workflow quantifies and identifies peptide ions

The ProQuant™ difference

Bottom-up proteomics is carried out in many laboratories across the world.  So what makes our platform different?

A step-change in performance for assessing peptide abundances

Most proteomics platforms are set up to identify as many proteins as possible, whereas we have evaluated and optimised every stage of the process to be as quantitative as possible.  The key technological advances are proprietary, but many different optimisations to both the data collection and analysis sum together to deliver an order-of-magnitude improvement in analytical reproducibility.  See proteomics performance for evidence of our quantitative performance.

Proprietary bioinformatic tools

The analytical performance ProQuant™ provides doesn’t just enable us to obtain good data on protein abundances.  We have a range of proprietary bioinformatic tools to extract knowledge from these ultra-large, ultra-accurate datasets.


Analyse specific modifications across all of the proteins in the samples.


Investigate patterns of changes in classes of modifications.


Compare patterns of cleavage in different samples.


Look for signals indicative of different proteoforms in sample groups.

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