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The improved quantitative performance of ProQuant™ compared with conventional proteomics techniques is not just a “nice to have” – it unlocks applications that are impossible with traditional proteomics services.

We understand that each programme is unique and can provide a customised, flexible approach best suited to address your specific requirements.  We are constantly developing new techniques or approaches which, if appropriate, will be adapted to our customers’ projects.

Target or biomarker identification

Proteins carry a wide range of modifications throughout their sequence, ranging from modified amino acids to cleavage sites, with such a dizzying array of variations that in principle no two copies of the same protein are ever identical.  ProQuant™ allows you to extract all that rich information about these different proteoforms present within your samples.

Other applications across the drug discovery and development process


Because ProQuant™ is optimised to detect specific modifications of proteins, it is the perfect tool to identify and characterise covalent drugs intended to bind to specific amino acid residues of specific proteins.

Characterising ProTACs

Bifunctional protein degraders are finding new applications against “undruggable” targets, by inducing specific degradation.  ProQuant™ is the ideal tool to monitor ProTAC engagement with both on- and off-target proteins.

Quantifying protease activity

Because ProQuant™ can identify and quantify protein cleavages, it enables estimation of the activity of proteases in vitro and in vivo – something which can be very challenging to do with any other technology.

Biologics CMC

Post-translational modifications (PTMs) of biologic drugs, including monoclonal antibodies, can be exceptionally challenging during CMC.  ProQuant™ provides straightforward quantitation of a wide-range of PTMs during optimisation, manufacture and stability assessment.

Biologics development

ProQuant™ allows reliable monitoring of PTM formation after in vivo administration of biological drugs.  This can reveal the impact on PK, activity or formation of anti-drug antibodies (ADA) which may differentially target modified regions of the drug that accumulate after dosing.

Characterisation of labels

Many techniques depend on labelling proteins, with radioactive tags, biotin or a myriad of other functionalities – ProQuant™ rapidly visualises where the labels are and the fraction of each site that has been labelled.

And that's not all...

Like any other step-change in technological capability, access to ProQuant™ makes it possible to find answers to all kinds of questions that we haven’t even thought to ask!  By making ProQuant™ available as a service, we can unblock your discovery or development pipeline.  Whether it’s CMC of a complex biological agent, PK for a protein therapeutic that is undergoing modification in vivo, or a purely academic attempt to understand the conformational dynamics associated with activity of an intriguing protein, we will help you leverage the new-found power of ProQuant™ to answer the question that matters most to you.

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